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Merrion pharmaceuticals - making medicines better
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Merrion Pharmaceuticals plc ( is a publicly listed product development company. Established in 2003, Merrion's early focus was the development of oral forms (tablets/capsules) of drugs that have suboptimal absorption, many of which can only be given by injection.

Merrion used its patented drug delivery technologies to increase drug bioavailability, by improving absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, of compounds that are otherwise poorly absorbed. This can provide substantial benefits in patient convenience and safety, and while also having the potential to enhance drug efficacy.

Merrion concluded agreements with third party pharmaceutical companies for use of its technology, most notably with Novo Nordisk to develop and commercialise oral forms of Novo Nordisk's Insulin and GLP-1. Following the sale of relevant assets to Novo Nordisk in 2015, Merrion is seeking alternative investments in the healthcare space.

Merrion Pharmaceuticals is based in Dublin and is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ESM) under the symbol MERR.