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Merrion pharmaceuticals - making medicines better
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Strategic Partnering

Merrion's patented GIPET® technology can provide new product profiles not available anywhere else.

Merrion's technology is endorsed through collaborations with pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk (oral insulin, oral GLP-1), Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Rebel Pharmaceuticals, Top Ten Pharma and others.

Merrion offers unique prescription pharmaceutical products to meet the key unmet needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Long patent life
  • Oral forms of injectable only drugs
  • Oral forms of biopharmaceuticals
  • Large (10 - 50 fold) bioavailability improvements with excellent reproducibility
  • Improved efficacy
  • Improved safety, side effect and toxicity profile
  • Improved health economics
  • Improved patient QOL
  • New indications
  • Market expansion
  • Emerging market expansion

Merrion is seeking to advance the development of a range of unique new products by establishing further collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. If you are interested in discussing collaboration, please contact our Business Development Department at