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Corporate Profile

Merrion Pharmaceuticals plc ( is a publicly listed product development company focused on delivering innovation to the market by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to develop patented products. Established in 2003, Merrion is primarily engaged in the development of oral forms (tablets/capsules) of drugs that have suboptimal absorption, many of which can only be given by injection.

Merrion's patented drug delivery technologies increase bioavailability, by improving absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, of drugs that are otherwise poorly absorbed. This can provide substantial benefits in patient convenience and safety, and while also having the potential to enhance drug efficacy. Merrion utilises its technology to develop new oral drugs in two ways; it develops its own proprietary drugs using the GIPET technology and partners with other pharmaceutical companies in developing oral GIPET formulations of their products.

Merrion has agreements with several pharmaceutical companies. Currently there are two ongoing license agreements with Novo Nordisk to develop and commercialise oral forms of Novo Nordisk's Insulin and GLP-1 using Merrion's proprietary GIPET technology.

Merrion Pharmaceuticals is based in Dublin and is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ESM) under the symbol MERR.

Latest Regulatory News

02 Sep 15 Merrion Pharmaceuticals plc Announces Continuing Progress of Oral Insulin Projects Using Merrion Pharmaceuticals' GIPET Technology under license to its partner Novo Nordisk A/S
17 Aug 15 Annual Report and Notice of AGM
30 Jun 15 Merrion Pharmaceuticals Plc Annual Report

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