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Regulatory News

10 February 2011

Block Listing Return


To: Listing Applications

Irish Stock Exchange

1. Name of applicant: Merrion Pharmaceuticals plc
2. Name of scheme: Merrion Pharmaceuticals Share Option Scheme
3. Period of return: From: 12 May 2010 to: 10 February 2011
4. Number and class of securities not issued under the scheme 50,000
5. Number of securities issued under the scheme during the period 0
6. Balance under the scheme of securities not yet issued at the end of the period 50,000
7. Number and class of securities originally admitted and the date of admission 16,583,768 Ordinary shares of €0.01 each. Date of admission 18 December 2007


Name of contact: Jonathan O'Connell
Telephone number of contact: 01 6423300


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